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Sunnyside Primary Academy

Wrap Around Care

At Sunnyside Primary Academy we offer wrap around care from 8am at our Breakfast Club to 5.30pm at our After school club. 

At Breakfast Club we open at 8am for pupils to attend, we offer a healthy breakfast which changes daily.  Please see the attached menu. The cost for Breakfast Club is £3 per session including breakfast. We also have a sports coach who currently runs sports games Monday - Wednesday with children who attend the morning session.

After School Club runs from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, we offer a healthy snack included in the price. There are 2 set prices at after school club - £6.50 for 3.30pm-5pm and £8.50 for 3.30pm - 5.30pm. 

All sessions are booked prior to the day using our Parentpay platform. Children can be booked in up to midnight the night before attending. in the case of an emergencies a phone call can be made to the school on the morning to confirm a space. 

At Sunnyside we refund the charge if you do not attend when a child is booked in and we offer a 3for2 for siblings all attending the same session.