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Sunnyside Primary Academy

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About Our Academy

I would like to take this opportunity, through our website, to welcome you to Sunnyside Primary Academy. At the Sunnyside Primary Academy we want our children to be happy, confident individuals with a passion for learning. We believe every child should feel valued and encouraged to achieve their very best in all aspects of academy life.

Latest News

Stars of the week
  • Mercury - Archie - For trying his best to sing the Christmas songs

  • Venus - Elfin - For being a fabulous dancer and singing beautifully as well as trying her best in lesson

  • Earth - Ayaan - For becoming more confident in performing

  • Mars - Riona - For confident singing and continual hard work

  • Saturn - Isaac - For being a fantastic role model for learning and behaviour

  • Jupiter - Marcus - For excellent focus in all of his work

  • Neptune - Alicja - For her effort and determination in all lessons

  • Uranus - Emma - For super effort all of the time

  • Neil Armstrong - James - For being really engaged during the String Quartet performance

  • Buzz Aldrin -Megan - For trying hard within her work this week

  • Helen Sharman - Kia - For always being on task and ak een contributor to class discussion

  • Tim Peake - Osamuedeme - Always having a positive attitude towards her learning