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Sunnyside Primary Academy

Our Achievements

GDFT Inter School Indoor Athletics

Some of our Year 5 & 6 children attended our Academy Inter School Indoor Athletics competition on Friday 16th June. Sunnyside came a fantastic 6th out of 18 schools. All children had a wonderful day and everyone tried their very best in each activity/race. WELL DONE to all those who attended.

photos to follow.

Year 6 WWII & Anderson Shelters

During the Spring Term, Year 6 have studied World War II. As part of their studies the children researched why Anderson Shelters were needed during WWII and who invented them. As part of their research they Investigated the shelters, learnt about the designers and then designed, built and evaluated their own models. The children worked in groups of three to create their models and the work they produced was outstanding!
To support the unit, the Home Learning challenge was to create their own Evacuee Suitcase as if they were being sent away from home. The children were asked to think carefully about the objects they included within their suitcase as they needed to be personal to themselves, but also reflect a child of war. The outcomes that were produced by the children were very thoughtful and emotive, including very personal objects of real War time relevance.

Year 5 Brixworth Church

Year Five visited Brixworth church as part of their topic work on the Anglo Saxons and their RE work on Christianity. The church is the finest example of a Saxon church in Britain and the children enjoyed learning all about it. They took it in turns to stand in the pulpit and were keen to see the relic of Saint Boniface. They took along their sketch books and produced some lovely work.

Year 4 Volcanoes

Year 4 have enjoyed planning, creating and making their volcanoes. They have evaluated their finished sculptures based on what they originally planned. Up next is deciding what to use to erupt them, and finally the eruption. More photos to follow.

Year 4 have created a fair test in order to find which ingredients would create the largest eruption. Most children chose the Coke and Mentos, however we found that with our ingredients and quantities that the lemon juice, oil, baking power were the ingredients that created the most eruptive eruption.

Cross Country – Abington Park 

Some children from Year 4, 5 & 6 completed in the Cross Country event held at Abington Park.

All children did extremely well and all finished their race.

Year 4 Flood 

Year 4 had an exhausting start to the day clearing up after the disaster flood that had occurred during the night. Children were shocked and could not believe what had happened to their classroom. They worked together as a team to clear up after the natural disaster and produced some emotive writing from this.

World Book Day

Our theme for World Book Day was “Heroes and Villains”! Everyone, staff and children, dressed up as either a hero or villain from their favourite story to help celebrate the day! Everywhere you turned, you saw storybook characters laughing and enjoying the day! Peter Pan and Hook, Alice and The Queen of Hearts, Edmond and The White Witch – all the heroes and villains managed to get through the day on their best behaviour! Throughout the day pupils took part in many different activities to enjoy the day, centred around a class book. Each class have created a large scale art piece for the new library as well as individual work. Everyone also took part in “The Great Read”. Each teacher read a different story and we all got to choose which story we listened to. It was nice to choose the story we wanted and it made a change listening to other teachers read! We heard many different stories including Mrs Browett reading Harry Potter, Mrs Sayers reading Green Eggs and Ham, Miss Alcantara reading Narnia and Mrs Denton reading The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch! All the children and staff had a wonderful day!

“I loved seeing everyone dressed up. I really, really enjoyed World Book Day.” Liam Year 2

“I liked making the large art piece. Reading and art together!” Saiyara Year 6

New Library – Grand Opening 

The redevelopment of our school library has been a large undertaking for many months; the main push in ensuring a reading environment our all our pupils. Reading is at the centre of learning and an exciting, stimulating library allows pupils to engage with reading in its simplest form – reading for enjoyment. There is a space for all readers in the library and it is to become the epicenter for learning at Sunnyside Primary Academy. We hope that all our pupils enjoy visiting the library within their library time, Buddy reading sessions, Book Club and whenever they feel the need to just curl up with a good book. Have a look at our virtual tour to visit for yourself.

“My favourite part of the new library is the reading den. I like that it is dark and we can read in there.” Brianna Year 2

“The new library is totally amazing! There is something new everywhere you look!” Jessica, Year 6

Virtual Tour of Library Click Here

Year 2 Alien Visit – Mr Zorg

Dear Parents and Carers, 

As your child may have discussed we received a letter from Mr Zorg who lives on Saturn (linked the story Aliens love Underpants). Mr Zorg and his space ship will also be ‘visiting’ school Wednesday evening, the children will see the video evidence on Thursday. We just wanted you to be aware, as your child may say we were visited by aliens! We are hoping this will create a real buzz and context for letter writing back to Mr Zorg. We are hoping to upload the video to our website after it has been shared with the children. 

Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Gosling and Miss Humphrey

CCTV Evidence for Mr Zorg Visit was shown in class. There is a photo from the classroom & Spaceship below. please click on the 2 video links to see what the children watched in class. Video 1 & Video 2

Cheerleading Club Assembly Performance

Mental Health Awareness Day

An annual county-wide Bubblefone  took place on 10th February 2017 to  help raise awareness amongst young people about mental health and mental health stigma. As part of the NHS and Northamptonshire County Council Mental Health Stigma Programme, Northamptonshire Mental Health Awareness Day, provides schools and the wider Northamptonshire community with the opportunity to raise awareness of mental health stigma in lots of interesting, fun and inclusive ways.

Sunnyside Primary Academy held a coffee morning with cakes, leaflets and Chatterboxes for Year 6 were handed out to all pupils.

The coffee and cake morning raised enough money for the school to purchase Wellbeing tree that will be displayed in the next couple of weeks and every child will have opportunity to hang a leaf from the tree.

KS2 Open Maths Morning

This morning parents and carers joined us for our Key Stage Two Maths open morning. Families supported their children in solving mathematical problems using our new ‘Convince Me’ approach to problem solving. Parents and carers commented on how they enjoyed seeing their children work collaboratively and apply taught strategies in different contexts. Thank you to those who joined us for your continued support.

Feedback –

“Having just spent an hour in school during the ‘maths morning’, I just wanted to say how great it was to be able to share in the children’s obvious enthusiasm and enjoyment of the problem solving activities. Their abilities to collaborate and discuss their ideas and thought processes was impressive as was the fact that so many of them wanted to challenge themselves and so chose the ‘harder’ problems.

Many thanks for providing this opportunity,”


Our Termly reading competition, Reading Rocks has been a great success! The children are reading more at home and enjoying every minute! There were so many children who had earned the right to have their name in their class draw, but in the end our Reading Rocks Champions for Term Two were:

  • Buttercups – James C
  • Daisies – Athena
  • Crocuses – Ijesuorobo
  • Snowdrops – Sophie
  • Daffodils – Frazer
  • Bluebells – Daisy K
  • Poppies – Nathan
  • Roses – Molly
  • Lavender – Elysia
  • Lilies – Osamuedeme
  • Hollyhocks – Joshua
  • Sunflowers – Mirela
Well done to our winners, who all won a book collection each! And well done to our runners up who also received a book for all their hard work. Who will be a Reading Rocker in Spring Term? Keep reading and it might be you!
Mrs Browett
English Lead

Roald Dahl Day 

Last Friday, 16th September, the whole academy enjoyed a Phizz-Whizzing day as we celebrated Roald Dahl Day! This year would have been the great author’s 100th birthday and it was a wonderful celebration of his life and stories, which have kept children entertained for many years and still do today.

Thanks must go to you, the parents and carers, for helping your children make such a wonderful effort with their costumes! It was wonderful to see an army of Ompa-Lumpas, many Matildas and even a Great Glass Elevator! Your efforts are greatly appreciated; together the school raised £84.50!

Days like Roald Dahl Day are very important in helping to prompt the importance of reading in children’s lives. That is it a fun activity as well as a necessary one! We hope that everyone enjoys reading at Sunnyside and we will continue to celebrate events like this to ensure the enjoyment of reading continues!

Thank you again,

Mrs Browett, English Lead.