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Sunnyside Primary Academy


The Sunnyside Primary Academy Curriculum

At the Sunnyside Primary Academy, we provide a well-balanced and enriched curriculum for our pupils.  We ensure the curriculum offers a wide range of opportunities for imaginative and effective learning which, in turn, promote positive behaviour and safety. It also includes experiences which contribute to the pupils’ achievement, together with developing their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.

We follow a thematic approach which engages and motivates our pupils. Each year group has three themes for the academic year. Pupils cover one theme each term and, where possible, all areas of the curriculum are linked to this theme. Each term we have whole school ‘creative weeks’ where children from Reception up to Year 6 are taught a range of activities based on a whole school theme. For example, in the autumn term, we based our lessons on the theme of, ‘people who help us.’

We believe in the children taking pride in their work, including their handwriting. This year we have started to follow the ‘Kinetic Letters’ approach to teaching handwriting.

We believe that a ‘hands-on’ approach is key to motivating our pupils. We use the Numicon system to support numeracy lessons, from Reception up to the end of Key Stage 2.

We encourage our children to read regularly and, as an Academy, we subscribe to Reading Eggs, a unique online resource that supports children with their reading and learning. All children are given a log in so that they can access Reading Eggs both at home and whilst in school.

We believe that ICT needs to be integral to the curriculum and the Academy subscribes to Espresso, an online, cross-curricular resource. It includes a range of videos, resources, teaching aids and activities that can be planned into lessons, helping to enrich the curriculum further.

SMSC and British Values: SMSC and British Values are embedded across our curriculum through discussions, lesson content, assemblies, and provision of wider experiences including visitors and trips for our pupils.