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Sunnyside Primary Academy

Year 2

Welcome to our home page.

Year 1

The continuous provision which the children have accessed in EYFS continues into Year 1.  At Sunnyside Primary Academy we recognise this is not only an important part of the transition but it supports the children by learning through play.  Children will have whole class teaching, but will also be supported in small groups and one to one.  We recognise that the independent skills the children have learnt in EYFS needs to continue therefore independent learning opportunities are also planned.

The children continue to learn phonics through Letters and Sounds and as the academic year progresses the children will begin to access more formal learning.

Our children represent the school at many sporting events held at local schools.

Parental workshops continue in Year 1 - we recognise the importance of parental involvement - this is communicated through the calendar and email.  

Year 2

The independent skills continue to be developed in Year 2.  The shared reading corner is an area where the children use research skills to discover key facts.  The challenge areas support children to access learning at their own pace and ability.

Children continue to participate in many sporting events.  Year 2 also receive some very mysterious visitors!