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Sunnyside Primary Academy

Questionnaire Results 

The children of Sunnyside Primary completed the questionnaire in January 2018.  We are very happy with the majority of the results and lots of the children had lovely things to say about the school.  Obviously, like anything we are always looking for ways to improve the time the children spend here.  As a result of children not liking playtimes, the PIT (Pastoral and Inclusion Team) have introduced new zones on the playground at lunchtime.  Early feedback from our Junior Leadership Team is that this is working well.  We are now looking into introducing something similar at breaktimes.

Also following the questionnaire, the Junior Leaders are now working with the Senior Leaders on new rules and a new behaviour and reward system.  - Watch this space!!

"I love maths" "I love PE" " I love art"

Year 2 Pupils

"I love learning at Sunnyside"

Year 4 pupil


"I Love School"

Year 4 pupil

"this is the best school ever!"

Year 5 pupil