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Sunnyside Primary Academy

Our Curriculum

 At Sunnyside Primary Academy, Strength, Perseverance and Aspirations’ are at the heart of everything we do. 

We want to help each child to develop these core values in order that they become caring, confident young people who have a passion for learning.  We strongly believe in teaching children about strength – we focus upon the mental health enabling children to develop strategies to support them and our families.  Strength leads to perseverance – having the strength to continue, we support our children to persevere developing resilience in order for them to achieve their aspirations.

We will do this by not only supporting, guiding and inspiring our children through excellent teaching practices; we will provide enrichment opportunities that support their learning, encourage children to find their passion for learning whether this is academic, holistic or practical.

By working with our families we create an aspirational environment and an academy community where everyone is valued and successes are celebrated.

SMSC and British Values: SMSC and British Values are embedded across our curriculum through discussions, lesson content, assemblies, and provision of wider experiences including visitors and trips for our pupils.