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Sunnyside Primary Academy

Cross Country - Year 4, 5 & 6

On Wednesday 14th March, our cross country team of 27 Key Stage 2 girls and boys attended the annual cross country competition at Abington Park.

The team have been training hard every week since January – even running in the recent snow blizzards to ensure they were ready for the challenge. They didn’t disappoint!

With just under 200 runners in each competition, all of the children showed sportsmanship, determination and resilience to complete the race. It was a fantastic team effort.

Year 4 led the way, with Alanna and Evie Jackson being the first to race,.

Next it was the turn of the Year 4 boys: Tyler Wilson, Kyle Lester, Jack Knight, Thomas Packe, Riad Shehi and James Rahn. Both teams did themselves proud and set the standard for Year 5 and 6.

Cheering on and seeing the efforts of the Year 4 team, really gave Year 5 and 6 something to aim for. Motivated, both year groups put in a fantastic team performance and deserve an individual mention.

Year 5 girls: Millie Westly and Rene Roberts. Year 5 boys: Jaydon Gifford and Adriel Ngwa.

Year 6 girls: Soairse Duggan, Rhianna Culverhouse, Paula Gringberga, Emily Ward, Magi Histrova and Harriet Douglas.

Year 6 boys: Davis Purkis, Kian Jones, Aaron Parish, Nyasha Chavunaka, Charlie Brown, Reece Brent, Sam Otter, Faheel Safdar and Josh Shoyole

All of the children should be immensely proud of their achievements. It was a great afternoon and the children were a shining example of teamwork and sportsmanship in action.

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    Whole Team pix
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