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Sunnyside Primary Academy

PIT - Pastoral Inclusion Team

Circle Group

For the past seven weeks, children attending Circle Group have been developing skills in communication and teamwork, while building on their self-esteem. We have been having great fun learning how to develop these skills through creative and exciting games. Although some games can be challenging at times, the children have worked extremely hard to work together and grow in confidence.



University of Cardiff

As a school, we have taken part in some exciting and interesting research carried out by the University of Cardiff in partnership with Northamptonshire Police. The University wanted to find out whether an improvement in emotion recognition leads to improved behaviour and social relations, which it appears to have done in previous projects that have been run.  The short training program has been delivered to pupils over the past month by Miss Rodger on a computerised programme. This has been a fascinating opportunity for our pupils and we can't wait to find out the results!


Before Christmas, some of our students took part in some exciting research with the University of Cardiff, based on emotion recognition. We have been told that preliminary findings show that those children who received the Cardiff Emotion Recognition Training (CERT) subsequently displayed an improvement of around 20% in their ability to recognise negative emotions! This is amazing and the children loved being part of something that may possibly have an impact on children in the future.